Frequently Asked Questions

Every time a member shops with a partner business, a percentage of the product spend is channelled as a Community Payment to the organisation of the member’s choice. Members select the cause closest to their heart from the list in the app. Community Payments are disbursed monthly.

When a member elects to support your organisation, they get to see and hear about the remarkable and personal aspects to the vital work you do on a page dedicated to your organisation called ‘My good cause’. By uploading short engaging stories and pics regularly to this page, you get your supporters more aware, enthused and engaged with you.

One. Members choose the cause closest to their heart from a list in the app. If they wish to support a different NFP, they simply return to their profile settings to make the change. 

Let us know the best time for us to get in touch via the contact form. A friendly team member will arrange a time where we can discuss whether our program is a good fit for the funding and supporter engagement aspirations of your local organisation. We will also outline the ways in which we support our partner NFPs to make the most the program has to offer. It means a lot to us to have NFPs able to do their vital work all the more, and that is part of our core values.

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