Are you a local not-for-profit?

Loyalocal raises the profiles of the remarkable local merchants and volunteers, who make their community vibrant, kinder and more welcoming, to their member base.

Get more loyal support

Shopping with Loyalocal fosters loyalty among your supporters for their local business hub and your organisation. We feature your good work in our app as well as support you via the Community Payment program.

Get more local love!

Loyalocal believes 'support local' means businesses, customers and community not-for-profits back each other. Our program is designed to raise profiles and generate enthusiasm among locals, for their local.

Get further connected with your supporter base by getting them excited about shopping local, enjoying real savings and supporting you with Community Payments. This is made possible by us, every single purchase.

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Get onto a good thing

We're here to secure more support for your cause

Enthuse your supporters

Here's another reason to reach out regularly to your supporter base. Get supporters to back our amazing merchants, enjoy savings and be a part of making their community a better place.

Increase your revenue

Every time your supporters shop with Loyalocal, you get a Community Payment. Get members excited about shopping with our amazing merchants because the more they shop, the more revenue is raised!

Grow local love

Secure loyalty to your cause by making the most of a dedicated app feature where you can regularly update stories and pics about the work you do.

Grow a new revenue stream

Team up your passion for community and a love for your supporters with our tech and commitment to your growth.

Pay it forward

Support the businesses who have supported you by actively promoting the Loyalocal program to your supporter base.

It all adds up

Every purchase with a merchant partner sees a percentage of the total spend channeled back to the local community as a Community Payment.

Do you engage reguarly with your supporters?

We partner with not-for-profits who value their supporters as much as we do. If this is you, please get in touch!

We're with you

It's a cycle of support that gets results. Loyalocal gets behind your efforts to reach out and get your supporters engaged so that the community can benefit.

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Learn more about how to grow a new revenue stream and raise your profile within the local community. Pop your details in the form and we'll get back to you at your preferred time.

    Who are we?

    We are a passionate team who believe vibrant healthy communities are the heartbeat of our nation. We are inspired by the tenacity and passion of people in local business and in local volunteer work. Our aim is to see locals get more excited about shopping local and the good that's in their hood!

    We are reaching out to not-for-profits who see an opportunity to grow a new revenue stream by actively promoting our quality business partners to their supporter base.

    Does this sound like your organisation?

    It's easy to get in touch and chat to one of our friendly consultants today!

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